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1   \ ER, editor-in-chief of the

Free Press, London, Ont., was born October iith, 1847, at Hants, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. He is of Anglo-Scottish descent. His parents having emigrated to Canada in 1856, at an early age lie engaged in the printing business, serving for several years iu its practical branches. At the age of eighteeii lie «as chosen to fill the position on the Fire Press editorial staff, -which had been vacated by Mr. Mackiiitosli, the present member for Ottawa. Front that time Mr. Bremner steadily gained in reputation as a studious,

ready and tireless worker on this journal. His history is coincident with the history of the Fire Piess, on which he has labored without intermission since 2865 as the trusted assistant and col-league of the late eminent editor, Alr. Josiah Blackburn. Oil the death of Mr. Blackburn in i89o, Mr. Bremner was appointed his successor iii the editorial control, a position for -which lie had long been designated by his old and belovcd chief. Mr. Bremner has never aspired to public office, but devotes all his powers to the service of the journal, ill the success and progress of which lie has been so largely concerned.


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