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W.M.N. ROBERTSON) AI.D., C.i\I., L. R. C. P. & S. Edinburgh, ,Stratford, Out., was born in the year 1857 at Stratford. He received his education at a village hamlet called Monkton in Perth County. He was prepared for medical matriculation at Pickering College and by private study. He received a diploma from the Hamilton Business College in 1875, and afterwards spent five years as a book-keeper. While acting in this capacity and leading a quiet, studious, and economical life, he acquired the means to complete his medical training. He graduated in the Toronto School of Aledicine in 1884, and in Edinburgh in 1885. After graduating in Edinburgh he went as surgeon on a steam-ship to India, remaining there only a short time, but in that time gaining a fair

idea of Oriental life. This

was at the time of the Zulu

war, and there was considerable excitement in the army and navy. Returning to Glasgow, he acted for a time as assistant practitioner. Upon the de-cease of Dr. Mothersill, of Stratford, in iS85, he bought out his fixtures and at once commenced practice there. Being a total abstainer from stimulants and narcotics, and possessed of great energy and ambition, he has been successful in building tip one of the largest practices in the county in which he resides. He is also one of the active staff of the General Hospital, Stratford. Dr. Robertson is a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church, and

was an active Sunday School worker until his extensive practice necessitated his giving it up. In politics he is an Independent Conservative, but he takes no active part in any work outside the church, his time being fully devoted to his profession. In his early days lie was very fond of out-door sports, always desirous of fostering physical culture. Iii later years he has won many laurels as a bicyclist on the -,wheel called " The Eagle." Dr. Robertson continues to believe that much of the suffering of the body may be avoided by giving proper care and attention to the development of the physical life.


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