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MEN or-;, CA_NAr3A-


, Principal of the

Oiitario Institution for the Blind, Brantford, Out., was born at Croydon., Eng., in August, IS27. He married, June, IS52, Helen Susannah, daughter of Mr. John Henderson, of Southwark. Mr. Dymond was engaged for several years in advocating the abolition of capital punishment and lectured and wrote extensively on that question. He joined, in IS57, the 11loruz'H, Slar, of London, Eng., and in iS66 became its manager. Asa Liberal in politics, he took an active share in many movements formed to promote a

Liberal policy, particularly

the Constitutional Defence

Association, called for by

the resistance of the House

of Lords to the abolition of

the paper duty in i S6o, and

the Emancipation Society,

organized to elicit an ex-

pression of public opinion

in favor of the Union during

the American Civil War.

In 1869 Mr. Dymond settled

in Toronto, joining the edi-

torial staff of the Toronto

Globe. From his arrival in

Canada he identified himself

with the Liberal party, and

in I S74 was elected M.P. for

North York, which constitu-

ency lie represented during

the enstning parliamentary

terin. In parliament he was

opposed to all protective

tariffs, advocated the claims

of Canada to make her own

copyright laws, also the

right of defendants in crim-

inal cases to give evidence

in their own behalf, and

carried the Common As-

saults Act, in which that

principle was for the first time embodied in legislation. From IS78 to iSSo lie was occupied in pre-paring official reports and holding commissions of enquiry for the Ontario Government. In iSSo lie acted as the executive iiiember of the Ontario Agri-cultural Commission, and compiled the voluminous report, in -which the evidence taken was condensed and digested. In iSSo lie accepted the position he still holds. Principal Dymond takes a deep interest in the affairs of the Anglican Church, of which he is a member and a lay reader. He is also chairman of the Huron Anglical Lay Workers' Association.


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