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B.A., pastor of Knox Presby-
terian Church, London, Out.,
was born on the 22nd of August, 1857,
at Stratford, County of Perth, Out.
His father is the Hon. Thos. Ballan-
tyne, Speaker of the Legislative As-
sembly of Ontario, and his mother is
Mary, daughter of the late Robert
Ballantyne, of the township of Downie,
Perth County. The subject of our
sketch received his education at the
public school of Downie township, St.
Mary's High School, Galt Collegiate
Institute, (under the celebrated Dr.
Tassie), and at Toronto University.

He matriculated into the

University from Galt Collegiate Institute in 1876, and graduated in i88o with first-class honors in modern languages, and also carried off various prizes during his college course. He received his theological education in Knox College, graduating from that institution in the year 1883. He also attended the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N.J., for one year, and spent one year in the Theological Halls of Edinburgh, Scotland, and at Leipsic, Germany. In April, 1885, lie was ordained and inducted into the pastorate of Knox Church, London, where he has continued to labor with great acceptability since. He was introduced to his present charge by the late Rev. Thomas McPherson, who was for marry years pastor of Knox Church, Stratford, and who was the pastor of Mr. Ballatttyne's parents,

and by whom he was bap-

tized. He joined the church on profes-

sion of faith in the year 1877. He was

one of the most accomplished scholars of

his class at Knox College, and has been

eminently successful in his pastorate.

The membership of the church and

congregation has very greatly increased

under his care, and he is held in high

esteem, not only by his owil people,

but by members of other churches and

the public generally. Mr. Ballantyne

is still young with a bright future.

He Nvas married on the 12th January,

1886, to Miss Florence Clarke, daugh-

ter of the Holt. Charles Clarke, of

Elora, County of Wellington, Out.


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