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Brantford, Out.,

was born on October 5th,   I 1857, at Tyrone, in the County of Durham, Out. His parents are Samuel and Elizabeth (Elford) Van-stone. His father, who -was a merchant miller ill Bowmanville for many years, is now living a retired life there. The subject of our sketch received his education at the public and High schools at Bownianville and Port Hope. He ntatriculated into Toronto University in the year IS78, and obtained a second - class teacher's certificate in the same rear. He afterwards attended the Normal School at Ottawa. He then followedthe teaching profession for nearly four years, when he gave it tip to enter business life. He first en-gaged in the grain and milling business at Bowmanville. In the year iS85 he purchased a grocery and

crockery business in the city of Brant-ford, which business he is still carrying on, and has made it one of the most important in his line in the city. This is largely clue to his ready grasp of the requirements of his trade, Nvhether in buying or selling. He is regarded by all who have business dealings Nvith liiin as all lionest and capable man. He is admirably adapted to meeting the general public, having a most genial deportment, and, being possessed of strong social qualities, he makes hint-self agreeable to all with whom he comes in contact. AIr. Vanstone in religion is a member of the Methodist

Church, having joined that body in the year 1S74 -while attending the High School at Port Hope. He is at present a leading member of Wellington Street Methodist Church, Brantford, being a trustee and pew steward of that church. In politics he is a Reformer, but does not take all active part in political affairs. He belongs to the Society of Royal Tentplars of Temperance, and the Ancient Order United Workmen. Mr. Vanstone was married on the 22nd of November, ISS2, to Miss Annie Sinclair, daughter of Robert Sinclair, of Bowntanville, Ont., where our subject first engaged in business.



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