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T HOMAS D. FAWCETT, L.D.S., London, Ont., was born on the i-th March, iS66, at St. George, Brant County, Ont. He is a grandson of the late Rev. Thos. Fawcett, a well known Methodist minister. His father was a dentist, and died at St. George in iS66. His mother is still living, and resides with her son at London. Dr. Fawcett received his earlier education at St. George public school and Dufferin College, London. He received his professional education at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto, and was also a student under F. M. Harvey, L.D.S., London, Out. He graduated

from the College of Dental Surgeons in the year z8gi, and immediately commenced his profession in London, and here he has already acquired a very encouraging practice. Mr. Fawcett is attentive and capable, is a young man of the highest character, of gentlemanly appearance, and popular with his patients. With his thorough education, solid talents, and devotion to his profession, it is not difficult to foretell a successful career for this young dental surgeon. Mr. Fawcett was united in marriage with Aliss May, daughter of James Lafferty, of Hamilton, Out., on the 14th of October, i 8g i .


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