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William George Storm R.C.A., Architect and Civil Engineer, Toronto, Oilt., «-as born on October 29th, 1526, at Burton-upon-Statlier, Lincolnshire, Eng. His parents were Thomas and 'Mary Storm. Mr. Storm received his education at private schools in Toronto. After completing his education, he studied architecture and civil engineering. He was professionally engaged in the erection of St. James Cathedral, the Normal School, St. AndreNv's Church, Osgoode Hall, and the University of Toronto, besides inany other public buildings. He is iiow engaged ill the erection of

'victoria College ill Queen's Park, Toronto. 'Ir. Storm in religion is a member of the Church of England. In politics he is a Conservative, and formerly took all active interest in political matters, but does not do so now. He is a member of the 'Iasonic fraternity, in which bode he Baas an enthusi antic worker in early life, and filled all the important offices of that society, ha,' ing been Grand 'Taster of Toronto district in i86o. He is also a Knight Templar of high standing. He is president of the Architectural Association of Ontario, al.d is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Artists.


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