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Joseph E. McDouGALL, Q.C., To-

ronto,Count y Jtidge and Judge of the Maritime Court of Ontario, was born ;March, 1846, at Toronto. He is the eldest son of Hon. Will. McDougall, C.B., the «-ell-kno«,n Canadian journalist, politician and statesinan. Our subject received his education at the Model Grammar School and Upper Canada College, winning two of the college scholar-ships. Upon leaving college he began the study of law with Messrs. Currie 8,_ Brown, St. Cathariiies, subsequently with Robert Lees, O.C., County Attorney of Carleton, and afterwards with Messrs. Patterson

Beatty, Toronto. He was called to the Bar in 1870 and commenced the practice of his profession a partner ,.with his father, but soon afterwards organized the firm of McDougall, English

McDougall. After sev-

eral changes in that firm,

the firm of McDougall 8,- Gordon was formed in 187 ~, with which he remained connected until 188x. Then, on the elevation of Hon. Thomas Ferguson, Q.C., to the Bench, be obtained a partnership in the well-known firm of Ferguson, Bain, Gordon & Shepley, the firm then became Bain, McDougall, Gordon cC Shepley. The large business connection of his new partners offered him all opportunity for displaying his rare talents and aptitude for all branches of legal business, and he be-came concerned in many very important cases. Judge McDougall was several rears lecturer to the Law Society and

examiner in the subject of Criminal Law. In 1882 he was elected president of Osgoode Literary Society. In 1883 he received his silk gown, and the same rear was appointed Junior Judge of York County, and in i885 was appointed Senior Judge and Judge of the Maritime Court of Ontario. His clear judgments and just decisions make him unm-ersally respected. He was cliairman of Toronto Public Library for i8go, and is vice-president of Toronto Homcepatllic Hospital Board. Judge McDougall was married in N ovember, 1871, to Jane Al., second daughter of the late Rev. J. B. Howard.


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