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I.B. Toronto Uni-

versity, member of the Col-

lege of Physicians and Sur-

geons, and M. R. C. S. Eng-

land, Woodstock, Out., was

born on the 2nd June, 1553,

in Blandford township, Ox-

ford Count-. He is the

youngest of a fainily of

nine. His father was third

son of the late Richard

Welford, of Marlboro, ,N-llo

practised law at Lincolns-

in-Field, London, Eng., and

-\N-ho was an author of legal

works accepted by the Eng-

lish Bar, and brother of the

late judge Welford, of Bir-

mingham. His mother, wlio

is still living, was born in

Chester, Eng., and came to

this country sixty years

ago. The subject of our

sketch received his educa-

tion at the High School, AN-oodstock, Trinity College

Toronto, and London, Eng.,

under the teachings of Sir

William AlacCormick and

Sir blorrel McKenzie. He

remained on the old homestead farm in Oxford County until about eighteen rears of age, -\vhen he engaged for a short period in the telegraph business. Iu IS73 he engaged with Stark & Revelle, druggists, Woodstock, tN-here he remained three years. He then accepted a position with Shapter & Jeffrey, druggists, Toronto, having passed the chemists and druggist examination before the College of Pharmacy, Toronto, carrying off first prize out of a class of thirty-five or forty graduates. He afterwards graduated in medicine and began his profession in Woodstock in zSSi in partnership with

the late George Locke Beard. Dr. Welford makes a specialty of diseases of the eye, ear and nose. He has been very successful, especially in surgery, and has gained a large connection. He is surgeon to the County Gaol, the Grand Trunk Railway, examiner for Canada Life, Equitable, and other prominent insurance companies. He is a member of the Church of England. Dr. Welford has been twice married—first, in iSS-., to Isabel Johnston, eldest daughter of F. R. Ball, O.C., Woodstock, -\vho died in zSS6; and in zSSS Margaret Halsor, eldest daughter of J. Halson Brown, Esq., Woodstock.


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