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Out., was born on February 25th, TS34, at BytoNvn, now the city of Ottawa. He received his education at private schools, and at the Grammar School, Belleville. His theological education was pursued at St. Michael's College, Toronto. He afterwards taught for a time in this institution. In the year TS6i lie received the appointment of rector of Toronto Cathedral, which position he occupied for two years. In iS63 he was appointed the Dean of Barrie, and in the year 1870 he returned to Toronto to the Cathedral, where

lie remained until 1Si4. when he was appointed rector of the London Cathedral. In 1878 he was appointed to Stratford, Ont., and after laboring success-fully a few years there, lie was appointed to Ingersoll. In the year TS86 he assumed the editorial control of the

Catholic Pecos', published

at London, Out., and he has continued in that position since. Since his connection with this paper, it has greatly improved from a literary standpoint, and its circulation has increased to such an extent that it has now the largest circulation of any Catholic paper in the Dominion. In the year T885 Father \orthgraves published his celebrated book, " The Mistakes of Modern Infidels," it being a reply to Robert Ingersoll. This book, which bears evidence of the highest theological and classical learning, has already reached

three editions, and is re-

garded as the best work of the kind that

has been -written in defence of Chris-

tianity during this generation. It has

received exhaustive commendations,

both from the secular and religions

press of Catholic and Protestant de-

nominations, and from eminent scholars

of all creeds as well. This work is in-

tended to supply the Christian public

with a handbook which will answer

the most mischievous of modern scep-

tics' objections against the truth and

inspiration of Holy Scripture, and it

furnishes a reliable synopsis of the

arguments whereby these attributes of

Scripture can be maintained.


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