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416   MR,% OF l AliTp,_i7A.


son, Kennedy cC Co., Toronto,
was born in the County of Down, Ire-
land. At an earl3 age he ~~ as sent to
Londonderry, where he received his
education in a Grammar School, quali-
fying him for a business career. He
commenced his business life as an ap-
prentice in a dry goods store in Kilrea,
Ireland. After serving his apprentice-
ship lie went to Belfast, where he re-
mained many years and gained a
thorough knowledge of business. He
emigrated to Canada in 1S57, settling
in Toronto, where, by his energy, in-
dustry, exemplary character and know-

ledge of business, he soon
attracted the notice of cont-
inercial men, and his ser-
vices were eagerly sought
after. He received rapid
advancement, passing front
one position to another,
until lie was in receipt of a
salary of $4,000 per aiinnni.
Thus having reached the
top of the ladder as an em-
ployee, in 1869 he formed a
partnership Nvith two of his
former fellow-workers and
established awholesale busi-
ness under the name of
Samson, Kennedy & Gem-
mel. Mr. Samson and Mr.
Gemmel are both deceased,
but the firm continues as
Samson, Kennedy & Co.,
doing one of the largest
Avliolesale trades in the
Dominion. He also occu-
pies a conspicuous place in
religious matters, being a
leading member of the
Methodist Church, a local
preacher, Sabbath School
superintendent and trustee.

He is on many of the Cotn-
ference Committees, and has
been a delegate to several General Con-
ferences. He has filled various public
offices, Avas elected alderman in 1S71.
He was president of the Irish Protestaiit
Benevolent Association in 1S72, and in
187; was first president of the Canada
Commercial Travellers' Association.
He is chairman of the Toronto General
Burying Ground trusts, embracing
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Necropolis
and Prospect Cemetery, and is senior
honorary secretary of the Upper Canada
Bible Society. Last June he was elect-
ed secretary- of the Toronto Conference,
and was a delegate to the Ecumenical
Council lately held in Washington, D.C.


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