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MICHEL JOS. KELLY, M.D., ~.~   LL.B., School Inspector, of

Brantford, Out., was born in the city of Quebec in IS34. His father's family was connected for many years with the British navy. His mother was Katherine (Doyle) Kelly, a near relative of the celebrated Rev. Dr. James Warren Doyle and Chief-Justice Bushe. Dr. Kelly received his early education ill Quebec, and continued it at the High School and French College, Alontreal, and subsequently at Toronto Normal School and Toronto University. He first took up the arts course in Toronto, and afterwards the medical

and law courses. He received the degree of M.B. with first-class honors, and subsequently the degree of ALD. and LL.B. He studied ntedicirte ill Montreal, New Yorl,:, London, P;ttg., Edinburgh, Paris and Heidelberg. Dr. Kelly commenced his career as a teacher first in the public schools, and then in the High Schools of the Douiiiiiou. Many years ago lie declined a mastership in the Montreal High School for private reasons. He after-wards taught in Upper Canada College for some time. He subsequently practiced medicine for a short time, and also edited newspapers.


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