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B. A., Principal of

Model and Public Schools, Woodstock-, Ont., was born near Lytuden, Wentworth County, on the 19th of March, iS59. He is the eldest of seven sons of David Garvin, a native of Armagh, Ireland, now a well-to-do-farmer of Midhurst, Vespra township, Simcoe County, and a councillor of the township mentioned for over twenty years. His mother, a woman of re-fined tastes and habits, is a Canadian by birth. Our subject remained on his father's farm until twetuty rears of age. He then began his studies at Barrie Collegiate Institute, preparing for his chosen profession. In tell mouths lie obtained a non-professional certificate, after which he attended the Alodel School, and afterwards taught about three rears. He then re-turned to Barrie Collegiate Institute to prepare for

senior matriculation into Toronto University. This he accomplished, entering the university in October, ISS4. He took the three year honor course in mental and moral science, logic and civil polity, and honors for two years in English and history. He completed his course in ISS7, and subsequently obtained the degree of B. A. The same year he became principal of Welland Model and Public Schools, remaining there a year and a half, Nvlten he re-signed to accept his present position. Mr. Garvin holds advanced views on the desirability of paying increased attention to the manual arts and to

Lesthetic culture in our public schools. He is already well known as a specialist in applied psychology and vocal music, and as the author of a phonic method of word recognition. He also takes deep interest in the educational, social and political advancement of women, being the first president of the Woman's Suffrage Association of Woodstock. He is a member of Chalmers Presbyterian Church, and its choir leader. He is also an active member and an ex-vice-president of the Y.M.C.A. -Mr. Garvin was inarried ott the 23rd of August, i8S7, to - liss I,izzie Appelbe, of Barrie.


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