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Division Court Clerk,

Ingersoll, Ont., was   I born July 17th, 1836, at Whitby, Ont. His parents were Thomas and Sophia (Hough) Stevens, his father being a well known farmer in Ontario Count-, and also in the County of Oxford for many years. 1\Ir. Stevens came to Oxford County with his parents in iS31. He was educated at the public school, AVhitby, and Oshawa High School. He obtained a second-class teacher's certificate in 1S55 from Oxford County, and also from the Counties of Middlesex and Elgin. He taught school nearly three years near Vienna, and also for a short time in Oxford County. In ,859 lie engaged in mercantile business in Springford, Oxford Count-, and subsequently Aloulit Elgin. In iSSo, after a residence of two years in Tilsonburg, he removed to Ingersoll, and soon after was appointed

Division Court Clerk there, which office he still holds. Mr. Stevens was a member of the Township Council of Dereham four years, and was Depnty Reeve of the town of Tilsonburg one rear. He was alderman in Ingersoll three years, and in 1591 -,vas elected Mayor of that town, but, through a legal technicality, lost his seat. He has been a member of the Baptist Church since iS6S. In politics lie is a Reformer, having previous to his present appointment taken a very active part ill political affairs, and ill all matters pertaining to the welfare of the country-. He -,vas secretary of the Re-

form Association of the County of Ox-ford for fifteen years. Mr. Step ens was married September 23rd, iS5S, to Eliza Cerintha, daughter of Norman L. Oales, Norwich. His children were tliree in number—one son and two daughters. His son, Morgan L., -%v-ho died June loth, iS9i, was a merchant in Ingersoll and an alderman of that town. He was a leading young man in the community, a forceful public speaker, an enterprising business man, and enjoyed the full confidence of all wlio knew him. His eldest daughter is Mrs. E. H. Hugill, and his youngest, Minerva May, is still at home with her parents.


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