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Out., was born on the 11th of
September, 1S20, in Selby,
Yorkshire, Eng. He received his edu-
cation at the schools there, and, at the
age of fifteen, commenced to preach.
He came to Canada in 1S4S, and en-
tered the Methodist Co iferettce the
same rear. Guelph was his first cir-
cuit. He was afterwards stationed ill
Yeterboro, Lindsay, Cobourg, Owen
Sound, Toronto, and many other prin-
cipal towns and cities of Canada. He
served in the active work of the minis-
try thirty-eight years, and during that
time was chairman of several important

districts, and was a delegate to the first General Conference, and to each subsequent Conference until lie was superannuated in iSS6. He was agent for Victoria College twenty years, and since superannuation has been collector for the Federation Fund, and has held evangelistic services in many of the leading towns and cities of Ontario. The prominent aim of his life has been the building of churches and the saving of souls, ill -\N-hicli he has been most successful. Dlr. Fish has been twice married—first, in 1842, to Mary Wilkinson, and again, in 1S6o, to Catherine Johnson.


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