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JOHN McCLARY, of the
McClary Manufacturing Co.,
London, Olit., was born on the
211d of January, 1 S29, in the township
of Westmiiiister, County of Middlesex:.
Oil his father's side he is of the his-
torical stock of Adams, his grandmother
being a cousin of the celebrated John
Quincy Adams, a name which will long
stand forth as one of the greatest
among American families. His mother,
Sally Stark, who was born in Pennsyl-
vania on the 17th of March, 1786, was
a descendant of Gen. Stark, of Revo-
lutionary fame. Air. McClary learned
the tin business in London, and in iS5o

Nvent to California. He re-turned to London in 1851, and, in partnership Nvith his brother Oliver, started the present establishment under the firm name of J. &- O. McClary, which was carried on until 1571, when a joint stock company was formed under the name of the McClary Manufacturing Co. (Ltd.). The business has, as is well known, reached gigantic proportions, and their stores, fur-races and tin supplies are handled by the trade in every town alld cite in the Dominion, ~N-hile they also do their share of foreign trade. Mr. McClary in religion is a member of the Methodist Church, and is a trustee of «"ellington Street Church, London. He has always been a Reformer in politics, but is a strong supporterof the National Policy and a thorough advocate for developing the natural re-sources of the country. He is a magistrate, director of

the L. and P. Ry., rice-president of the

Ontario Loan and Debenture Co., vice-

president of the London Life Assurance

Co., and is president and chief stock-

holder in the Manufacturing Company

,vhich bears his name. He is a shrewd

business n1an, and the success of the

company is due largely to his ability.

Mr. McClary has been twice married

first, in 1553, to Mary Ann, daughter of

Phcenih Drake, and again, in 1866, to

Miss Pavey. He has two daughters

by his first wife—llrs. Gunn and Mrs.

Gartshore—both of whose husbands

are engaged in the business with Air.



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