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1\ I.A.,London,Ont.,

was born on the 221ld February, 1827, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. His parents were William and Jean (Piper) Gordon. His father was a fariner and an elder in the Church of Scotland. Our subject commenced his education at the parish schools of Scotland, and continued it at the public schools of Ontario, (whither he had conie with his widowed motherPalermo Graniniar School and Queen's College, Kingston. Previous to attending college, he taught school four years. He matriculated into Queen's College in 1848, received the degree of B. A. in 1851, and the degree M.A. in 1853, and completed his theological course in 1554. He then received a call to St. Andrew's Church, Mark-ham, and -,vas ordained and inducted into that church

September 27th, 1854, and. remained there eleven years. He then accepted a call to Crnmlin, a few miles east of London. He remained here e'_even years also, and was then called to St. Andrew's Church, Niagara Falls, where he was inducted oil August 22:id, 1576. He remained here until October, i SS6, when failing health compelled hint to retire from active «•orls. He has since resided ill London, and is an elder of St. Andrew's Church. Mr. Gordon was collvever and treasurer of the Toronto Presbyter5`s Home 1\Iissiou about nine years, clerk of the London Presbytery ten rears, secretary of the Board of Education for Fast and West Middlesex

about ten years, Superintendent of Public Schools of North Dorchester seven years, and was Inspector of Public Schools of Niagara Falls during the greater part of his residence there. Mr. Gordon preaches as often as health will permit, a::d is constant in Christian labors, doing an elder's work in connection with St. Andre-,v's Church, con-ducting services in the benevolent institutions in turn v, ith the city pastors, and is at the present time treasurer of the Presbytery- of London. He was married in November, 1854, to Helen, daughter of the late Dr. 'White, of Kingston, Out.


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