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404   111 RN OF` LA N-N"A

Judge of the County of Huron,
Goderich, Ontario, was born at
Charlotteville, Norfolk County, in
February, 1840. His father was Albert
Toms, of Devonshire, Eng. His great-
great-grandfather was a Highlander
from Argyleshire, who took part in the
taking of Quebec in 1759. Judge
Toms was educated at private and
public schools, and then studied law in
Simcoe and Toronto, and afterwards
came to Goderich in i86o, where, in the
following year, lie commenced the prac-
tice of law. His success soon brought
liim into prominence, and, in 1866,

being then oiil , twenty-six


years old, he «-as appointed

Deputy Judge of Huron and

Bruce, but resigned in 1867 .

In IS72 he was appointed

Junior Judge of Huron, and

in 1Si9 Surrogate Judge of

the Maritime Court of On-

tario. Iii :March, iSSi, he

was appointed Local Judge

of the High Court of Justice

for Huron, in 1SS2 Senior

Judge of the County Court

of Huron, and, in 1SS5,

Revising Officer for South

Huron. Judge Toms was

one of the very first share-

holders in the company that

put down the first salt well

in Goderich. He is a mem-

ber of the Masonic body,

and has held the highest

offices within the gift of

that fraternity, and also be-

longs to the Independent

Order of Odd Fellows and

other societies. Previous to

his elevation to the Bench

in 1572, Judge Toms was a

zealous member of the

Liberal-Conservative party,

and was president of the South Huron Liberal -Conservative Association, and afterwards of Centre Huron Association. He was married ill August, 1875, to Georgina Charlotte, only surviving child of Dr. Jolla Geo. Rosonkin, a distinguished linguist and homeopathist, who came originally from Prussia, and practiced at different times in St. Louis, U.S., in London, Eng., and in 'Montreal, wliere lie died in 1559. When at the Bar Judge Toms was one of the most able chancery lawyers in Ontario, and had a large and valuable practice. As a judge he is distinguished for his legal knowledge and correct judgments.


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