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Hamilton, Judge of the County
Court of the County of Went-
worth, was born in Ranisay, County of
Lanark, on the 7th of April, 1838.
His parents were Alexander and Eliza-
beth (Shaw) Sinclair, of Ramsay
township, County of Lanark, his father
being formerly of Caithness-shire, Scot-
land. The Judge was educated at Perth
Grammar School and by private tuition.
He was married in 1561 to Henrietta,
daughter of the late Rev. J. Padfield,
of Burford, Out. Judge Sinclair studied
law with the late William '-\IcNairn
Shaw, and was called to the Bar in

1,63. He commenced his

profession in Goderich in

partnership with Alexander

Shaw, Esq., tiow O.C. of

Walkerton. He -xvas elected

a Beecher of the Law

Society in 1S71, re-elected

in 1576, and resigued the

same year. He was also

created a Q.C. in 1576. He

conducted for the Crown the

important trial of William

John Beals, at Welland in

IS74, for the murder of his

wife at Fort Erie, which re-

sulted in a verdict of man-

slaughter. He was Cro-,vii

counsel in the conviction of

McConnell, for the murder

of Nelson Mills, at the

Hamilton Winter Assizes

in 1576. In this case, the

plea of prisoner's insanity

was set tip and strongly

urged by his counsel, and

still forms a tlienie for dis-

ctission aniong medical men.

The prisoner was convicted

and executed. He also de-

fended Joseph_ France, who

was tried for murder at the

Goderich Fall Assizes in 1S74, and Maria Elliott, for the murder of her child, at the Spring Assizes in 1876. In both of which cases the prisoners were acquitted. Mr. Sinclair was appointed to the Bench in April, 1S76, and at the time was senior partner of the law firm of Sinclair, Seag-er ~C Wade, at Goderich, and inttcli occupied with azzsi prizzs business. The Judge is the author of a iiueiber of important legal works and publications, among them several works on " Division Courts," " Absconding Debtors," " Landlord and Tenant," and " The License Law of Ontario." Such Bien are always an Honor to the Bench.


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