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G, pastor of King
Street Presbyterian Church,
London, Out., «•as born on
the 31st December, 1839, at
Kincardine O'Neil, Scot-
land, at the manse of his
grandfather, who was parish
minister. His youth was
spent in Peterboro, where
his father, Rev. John M.
Roger, was long and well
known as pioneer Presby-
terian minister. His mother
was Eliza (Morris) Roger.
From the Peterboro Union
School, Mr. Roger matricu-
lated into the Toronto Uni-
versity in 1858, and gradu-
ated in 1862. He took the
natural science honor course
throughout, and obtained
lionors in other branches,
taking four scholarships in
natural science and gen-
eral proficiency. He ob-
tained his theological edu-
cation at Knox College,
Toronto, and the New Col-
lege, Edinburgh. Prior to

ordination he received sev-

eral calls, and accepted that of Knox Church, Perth, being ordained and in-ducted there in the year 1866. He was married March 23rd, 1867, to 1\1iss Helen Sarah Wallis, daughter of James

%allis, Esq., Peterboro. He remained in Perth two years, and then accepted a call to the Presbyterian Church at Petrolea. Resigning this charge in 1871, he went to the old country to advocate the claim of French-Canadian Missions. Returning to Canada in 1873, he accepted a call to Ashburn, Out., where he labored ten years. In 1884 he accepted a call to King Street Presbyterian Church, London, where

he has continued to labor with very great acceptance since. This church was founded in 1878, the Rev. John Knox Wright being the first pastor and Mr. Roger the second. It has per-formed an important part in supplying the spiritual wants of the eastern part of the city of London. Mr. Roger was convener of the Committee on the State of Religion in the Synod of Toronto and Kingston five years, and has been connected with various other departments of church work. He is at present president of the London Ministerial Association, and also of the London Presbyterian Ministerial Association.


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