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M.A., `'ice-President and Prin-
cipal of Hellinuth Ladies'
College, London, Out., was born in
Brockville on the 17th of June, 1851.
He is the eldest son of the late Rev.
N. F. English, London. Mr. English
graduated at Toronto University in
1876, afterwards studied at Huron Col-
lege, London, and in 1879 was admitted
to Holy Orders in the diocese of Huron
by the Right Rev. Bishop Hellinuth.
He was married in 1877 to Mary S.,
daughter of the late Rev. H. Alulkins,
formerly of Kingston. For four years
Mr. English had charge of the parish

of Kirkton. In 1883 lie became Principal of Hellinuth College, since which date his name has been identified with the successful history of this Institution for the higher education of young women. Under his eery able management, the college has kept up with the increasing demands of the present day, standing foremost among the institutions of its kind in the Dominion. The literary facilities have been made more comprehensive, and additional graduating courses in music, art and elocution have been added, while features of the college relating to the home comfort of the students are equally improved.


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