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MALCOLM DOUGLAS, mayor ~.   of Woodstock, Out., was born

there December 2001, 1859. His father, John Douglas, J.P., came to Woodstock in 1837 and has been in business there ever since. He was for many years president of the Reform Association for North Oxford. Our subject received his education at the public and High schools, Wood-stock. He learned the trade of a saddler and followed it nine years. In 1SS5 he was elected to the Town Council, and re-elected in 1886. In x887 lie was elected third deputy reeve, in iSSS second deputy reeve, in 1889 first de-

puty reeve, in i890 reeve, and in i891 mayor, each election, except 1SS7, being by acclamation. He is a Reformer in politics, and is active in the interests of the party, and the general welfare of his country. He is secretary and treasurer of Woodstock Collegiate Institute, chairman of the Water Works Commission, and a director of the Oxford Permanent Loan and Savings Company. In religion he is a Presbyterian. He is a member of the A.F. ~C A. M., C. O. F., O. S. C., A. O. F., and Woodstock A.A.A. He is a Past Chief Ranger of the C.O.F. and Trustee of the High Court, A.U.F.


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