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Toronto, Out., was born April
27th, iS42, in Prince Edward
County. His parents were Matthew
R. and Nancy Benson, U. E. Loyalists.
He recei\-ed his education at Newburgh
High School, and for some time fol-
lowed the teaching profession. He was
received on probation in the Methodist
Church in iS63, and, before ordination,
travelled the circuits of Romney, Chat-
ham, Windsor and Sarnia. Ordained
at Hamilton in zS67, he travelled after-
wards the following circuits: Ridge-
town, Newbury, Cooksville, Hamilton,
(Centenary Church), Stratford (Central

Church), St. Thomas (First

j   Church), Brantford (Brant

Avenue), Toronto (Central

Church), Toronto (Berkley

Street), and Queen Street

Cliurch,Toronto, his present

charge. Here he has the

largest membership, and,

probably, the largest congre-

gation, of any Methodist

Church in Canada. Mr.

Benson leas been the direc-

tor of services at Grimsby

Park, the largest Christian

Assembly in Canada, for

eleven years. Under his

able management this Park

has been an extraordinary

success, and is becoming

more popular year by year.

Mr. Benson leas largely en-

joyed the advantage of

travel, having visited Ern(-

,-land,   Ireland,   Scotland,

France, Italy-, Switzerland,

Germany, having crossed

the continent twice—first,

in IS7 z, _vvlth the late illus-

trious Rev. Dr. Puiishon,

and again in iS9i. On this

latter trip lie filled lecture

engagements, and preaclied at Lou,, Beach, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Los Angelos, in California. He is an able lecturer, haying delighted large audiences in the principal towns and cities of Canada and the United States by his eloquent orations oil " The Wonders of the Yosemite," " Across the Continent," " British Columbia," " Memories of Roine," and other interesting topics. 'Mr. Benson is an earnest worker in the temperance cause, and every good object, an eloquent and practical preacher, and a kind and sympathizing pastor. He was married July 9th, iS67, to Julia, daughter of Hoil. `'alter McCrea, Chatham.


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