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ELIAS ROGERS, coal merchant,
Toronto, Oiit., was born on the
23rd of June, i85o, and be-
longs to one of the oldest families in
the County of York. His great-grand-
father, Timothy Rogers, came to this
province froin the L~ nited States about
the year iSoo, bringing with him forty
families and settling near the \-illage
of Newmarket, Ont. The subject of
our sketch spent the early years of his
life on the old farm, and, at the age of
twenty-one, made his first commercial
venture in the limber business, at which
lie was successful. A few years later he
became interested in coal mining oper-

ations in Jefferson County, Pa., and shortly after this turned his attention entirel~r to the coal trade. About the •ear I S j 6 lie carne to Toronto, and ill partnership with Mr. F. C. Dinning-, of Elmira, N.Y., laid the foundation of the business -which has uow gro-,\-ii to be one of the most extensive of its kind on the continent. Al-though still a young man, he is probably the best known dealer in fuel in the Dominion. The secret of his success, so early in life, is in great measure due to the strength of character and determination inherited from his parents. To this he added industry and a good business training, which, when brought to bear with his well-known perse-N'eraiice, has placed hini where lie now stands. _'A Ir. Rogers is a member of the Council of the Toronto Board of Trade, a director on the Boards of the Bible Society, Willard Tract

Society and the Y. 1\I. C. A., and takes

an active interest in all matters pertain-

ing to the general welfare and pros-

perity of Toronto. After serving one

Sear in the Toronto City Council, Mr.

Rogers was presented with a petition,

signed by over five thousand voters, re-

questing him to become a candidate for

the Mayoralty for iSSS. Though much

against his inclination, lie was finally

induced to consent, The contest, which

was one of the keenest Toronto has

ever known, resulted in the election

of his opponent by a sinall majority

through a third candidate being placed

in the field.


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