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AI.B., Fingal, Out.,

,vas born at North hnapdale,Argyleshire, Scot-land, on the 1501 September, 1 S65. He is the soli of Dugald Sinith and Alary .McArthur of that place. His father was a shoemaker, and came to Canada for the benefit of his family, but lives retired, clever taking up any business. Dr. Smith was only seven years of age when his parents left Scot-land. He received his early education at the public schools of Belmont, ill the County of Middlesex, -\vhere they settled on coming to Canada, and afterwards at-tended the Dresden public school. IIe then returned to Belmont and began the study of medicine, and matriculated at London in 1SS4, and graduated in April, 1Sgo, taking honorary certificates in both the primary and final years. In Alay, 1Sgo, he also

graduated at Toronto Uni-

versity with the degree of ALB., and the week after passed the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario. At the end of his third year's studies Dr. Slilith bought out a practice in the northern part of Wisconsin, U.S. After graduation he opened an office and drug store in Port Stanley, rnhere he now is. His father's family consisted of eiglit children—the three eldest sons are now engaged in carrying on a large and increasing flax business, and the youngest son is in the clothing and tailoring business. His two eldest sisters, Jessie and Eliza, are married—the one to John McColl, a farmer, and

the other to John McTavisli, who is engaged, like his brothers, in the flak business. Dr. Smith is a member of the Presbyterian Church, as all his ancestors have been. In that part of the Highlands of Scotland where lie was born Presbyterianism is the prevailing religion, and its people are tenacious of their creed and church wherever they are found. In Dr. Smith's religions views and preferences is seen illustrated the loyalty of the people of the Highlands of Scotland, no matter where they are scattered, in standing by the honest and sturdy faith of their ancestors.


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