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D.D., Secretary of

Education in the Methodist Church of Canada, Toronto, Ont., was born at Maguire's Bridge, Ireland, in 1836. At the early age of seventeen he carne to America, first settling at Kingston, and

subsequently Hamilton, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits. This work, however, was not congenial to his tastes, and at the soli-citation of friends, along with his own natural de-sires, prior to the expiration of his arts course at Victoria College, Cobourg, lie Avas induced to stndv for the ministry. His probationary period was passed at Mark-ham, Aurora, Newmarket and Thorold. After ordirna

tion, his first appointment

was London, as assistalit to

the \-enerableRichard Jones,

then Yorkville, and in 1866

was chosen the first pastor

of Centenary Methodist

Church, Hamilton, and such

were his talents, and so forcible his preaching, that he soon filled the church. He then accepted a call to St. James Street Church, Montreal, subsequently serving there a second time. Similar success attended him in this new field. At the expiration of three years he returned to Toronto, as pastor of the Metropolitan Church, also subsequently serving this church a second time. He also served Elm Street Church, Toronto, a third time. In 1578 he received the degree of D.D. from Ohio Wesleyan University. Dr. Potts is a member of the Board and Senate of Victoria University, and of

the Board of -Montreal Theological College. He is one of the Dominion representatives on the International Committee, which selects the Sabbath School lessons for the world. In 1879 11e was appointed chairman of the Home for Incurables. He is a staunch sup-porter of temperance. Rev. Dr. Potts is gifted with no ordinary power of eloquence, possessing a complete mastery over leis subject, and a splendid voice in the delivery of it. A Methodist of Methodists, he is a man of most liberal views, and is respected and esteemed by those outside its pale, both as a mail and a minister.


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