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~ Seaforth, Out., was born June
2nd, 1839, in North Dumfries,
Waterloo County. He received his
education at the public schools and Galt
Grammar School. He obtained a first-
class certificate and taught his old school
in North Dumfries for five years. In
1865 his eyesight failing him, lie en-
gaged in the egg business, which has
now reached gigantic proportions, ship-
ping something like a million and a
half dozen per year to New York,
Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Liver-
pool and London. Mr. Wilson is a
member of the Presbyterian Church,

and has been an elder for twenty-three years, and Sunday School Superintendent ever since the church at Seaforth was organized. He was reeve of the town for fifteen years, but declined re-election in 1891. He belongs to the Masonic Brotherhood, also to the Royal Templars of Temperance. He was married in 1859 to Helen Richard-son, of Waterloo, grand-daughter of Tibbie Shiel, of St. Mary's Cottage, Selkirkshire, Scotland. Mrs. Wilson died in i885, leaving seven children. He was married again in 1891 to Annie Duthie, of Jarvis, Aberdeenshire, Scot-land.


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