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Ont., was born in the year 1838 at Mountnielick, Ireland. His father, Rev. Win. Gundy, was for fifty years a Methodist preacher, and three of his brothers were also in the ranks of the ministry. His primary education was received at the public schools of Ontario, and continued at St. Catharines Academy and Toronto University-. He was called to the work: of the ministry when but twenty-one years of age. His first appointment was Owen Sound, then Mont-real, Lindsay, Yorkville and London. Mr. Gundy was married oil September 26th,

i865, to Miss Isabella,   j` daughter of Win. 1;veleigl., Esq., of Cote St. Leonard, near Montreal. His first appointment as a married man was Omemee, where lie remained four years.

His subsequent appoint-   ---meats have been : Tilsonburg, four rears ; Waterford, Cains-~Tille, Harriston, Exeter, Ridgeto« n Aylmer, -Essex Centre, and Sarnia, his present charge. Mr. Gundy was connected with the New Connexion Church until the union in 1874- He took an active part in the anion movement at that time, and also in the subsequent movement, when all the Alethodist churches united in the year 2883. He held the office of chairman in the following districts : Ridgetown, Aylmer, tiN, Tindsor and Sarnia, and at the Conference of z890 was elected president. He was a member of the first General Conference of Canada, and of each

General Conference but one since that time. He has always taken ail active part in the Conference work of the church. Mr. Gundy is diligent, tender and faithful, and readily gains the confidence and esteem of his parishioners, and has been very successful in building up the Church of God temporally and spiritually on the different charges on which he has labored. His present charge numbers over five hundred members, and is one of the best appointed churches in the Nest. Mr. Gundy has been most actively iclentified with the temperance movement and works hard for prohibition.


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