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London, Ont., was born on the
30th of June, 1803, at King-
ston-upon-Hull. His father was Capt.
James Evans, who had charge of
several ships in Her Majesty's Trans-
port Service. Our subject emigrated
to Canada in 1820, settling in Lower
Canada. In 1824 he removed to Upper
Canada and followed the teaching pro-
fession. He was converted in 1S26, and
at once entered the ministry, and was
ordained in 1S3o by Bishop Hedding.
Mr. Evans labored oil the following
circuits: Augusta, Kingston, Cobourg,
St. Catharines, Niagara, Hamilton, and

was one year soliciting subscriptions for Victoria

Uni- versity Cobourg. He was then appointed editor of the Cltra'stia/z Guardian, which position he held three years. After that lie iv as chairman

   Ax   of the Western District one year, and, at the dissolution

   Tull   of the Union was appointed

Superintendent of English

Wesleyan Missions at Lon-

don, and after fire rears, On

the restoration of the Union,

lie was appointed to Toron-

to. In iS48 lie was ap-

pointed General Superin

tendent of the English Wesleyan Missions in the Maritime Provinces, being four years at Halifax, N.S., two nears at Charlottetowli, P.E.I., and three years in the college at Sackville, N.B. He then returned to

r Ontario and was chosen Superintendent of Kingston Circuit and cliaii in of that District. He was nett appointed Grand Superintendent of the Missions in British Columbia. He re-

mained there nine years, then returned

to Ontario and became Superintendent

of Hamilton Circuit and chairman of

the District. After two years service

here, he was appointed Superintendent

of Yorkville and chairman of Toronto

District, remaining there two years.

He then became. Superintendent of

Elgin Industrial School and chairman

of St. Thomas District. At Brantford

Conference he was superannuated.

Mr. Evans was twice married—first, on

the 27th of June, 1S32, to Charlotte,

daughter of Hon. 1\1 jor-General Shaw,

and again, ill 1874, to Mary E., daugh-

ter of Robert Gunn, NVallacetown.


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