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Ont., Baas born on the i5th of September, IS36, in Chester, Eng. He received his education at Chorlton High School, Manchester, Eng. After finishing his education, he served a full apprenticeship to the dry goods trade in Manchester. He then spent a short time in Glasgow, after which he Nvent to London. In zSSS he came to Canada and accepted a position in a mercantile house in Montreal. He immediately connected himself with the Montreal Mercantile Literary Association, and soon became its president. He afterwards helped to found the famous Mercantile Literary Society, which twenty-five years ago gathered around it some of the ablest literary and legal

talent of Montreal. Mr. Caldecott Nvas ])liver for A. M. Ross S-_ Co. three rears. He then entered the firm of

James Claxton cC- Co., re-

presenting them in Western Canada for several years. In 1,78 he formed a partnership with Messrs. Burton, Harris &- Spence, opening a business in Toronto under the firin mine of Caldecott, Burton & Co. This firm now does business from Halifax, N.S., to Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. Our subject served as a full private during the Fenian Raid. He is a member of the Church of Eli-land, has been a warden, delegate to the Synod, and held almost every office open to laymen in the church. He was president of Toronto Y.II.C.A. several years, and vice-president of

Montreal Y.1LG.A. a number of years. He has been a director of several charitable associations, leader of Bible class, and Sabbath School Superintendent. He is chairman of the dry- goods section of Toronto Board of Trade. Iii politics lie is a Liberal, Nvith strong free trade principles, although attached to British connection and British form of government. He has always been a contributor to the press and to various magazines. Mr. Caldecott was married on the 2nd of December, iS6-, to Emma Mal-N-, daughter of H. Arnold, Principal of the British Canadian School, Montreal.


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