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HUGHSON, barrister-at-lava,
\~ Orangeville, Out., was born
there on the Sth of January, iS6i.
His parents were Andrew and Alartha
Hughson, the latter being a daughter
of the Rev. Alexander Armstrong,
Church of England clergyman. His
father followed the teaching profession.
The subject of our sketch received his
education at the public and High
schools, Orangeville. He began the
study of law in the year 1877 with
judge McCarthy, Judge of the County
of Dufferin. He was admitted to the
Bar in the year 1882, and for two years

was partner in the frill of 7.\IcCartli}-, Walsh & Hughson. Since the year 188 he has been practicing alone, and has already secured a large clientage. Air. Hughson is town clerk of Orangeville. In religion he is a member of the Church of England, and ill politics a Conservative, and takes all acti-,-e interest in his party, and in all matters pertaining to the m-elfare of the country-. He is a member of the Independent Order of Foresters, of «-hick he is Past Chief Ranger, and is also a member of the Sons of Ireland Protestant Association, of which lie is also president.


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