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CECIL, H. FITTON, D.D.S., and L.D.S., Simcoe, County of Nor-folk, Out., was born the year 1863 in Toronto. His parents came to Canada from England in iS5S. His father, on coining to Canada, engaged in the agricultural business. He has three sons—Cecil H., being the youngest; the oldest is a Surveyor and Civil Engineer of Orillia; the second is in the Canadian Bank of Commerce. The subject of our sketch received his education at the public schools, Toronto Trinity College, and the University of Toronto. He graduated in ISSN, and the same year opened an office in

Simcoe, where he commenced the practice of his profession, and where he has succeeded in building up a large and remunerative business. He has already gained a good reputation in dentistry, and bids fair to more in the front rank of his profession. Mr. Fitton is a member of the Church of England. He is president of the society of the Sons of Canada Brittania Lodge No. 35, is rice-president of the Sons of England Roval Lodge No. 130, and is president of the Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company of Simcoe. Mr. Fitton was married in September, iSSS, to Miss Minnie Malone.


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