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Seafortli, Out., (nephew of Rev.
J Dr. MacKay, of the Presby-
terian Mission, Formosa, China,) was
born on the 16th of August, iS62, in
McKillop township, Huron County.
He received his education at the public
and High schools, Seaforth, where he
obtained a second-class certificate. He
then taught for two years, after which
lie attended the Formal School, Toron-
to. After this he taught at Brucefield,
at the same time taking up university
work, and in iS84 «was engaged in
the High School, Seaforth, continuing
there three years. In J,"7 he en-

tered Trinity Medical College, Toronto, graduating in iSgi with the highest honors. His career at college was a brilliant one, being gold medalist of his class, and valedictorian for z89i, and standing third at the final examination for the degree of 1LD., C.-NI., Trinity University. At the annual dinner given by Trinity Medical College he was appointed chairman. On the strength of his splendid record at college, a tempting offer of a partner-ship, which he accepted, was made hill: by the skilful and now well-known Dr. J. G. Scott, whose portrait appears on the opposite page.


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