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graduated with honors in the year 1869. After this lie entered Victoria Medical College, Toronto, aiid graduated front this institution in 1S70, and in the same year graduated from tl:e College of Physicians and Surgeons. He then cominenced the practice of his profession ill the village of Blnevale, remaining there nearly four years. In 1Si4 lie removed to Seaforth, where he continues to practice. Since settling here he has acquired a very large practice, the extent of «which necessitated liim, in 1891, associating as his partner Dr. Charles Mackay, whose portrait appe rs on the

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was married to Hiss Eliza- 7 beth F. Rath oil the sth

of February-, 18i3. He spent his early life on a farm, and still owlis a farm, oil which lie has a deer park, and which he has stocked -with thoroughbred cattle and horses. He is

also a breeder of imported Shetland

ponies and thoroughbred poultry. Dr.

Scott has been a meniber of the Pres-

byterian Church for many years, and

added to his already busy life is the

position of a trustee of the Collegiate

Institute, and for a number of years was

a member of the ;Municipal Council.

He is a member of A.F. &C A.-M. Alex-

andria Lodge No. 15S, of A.O.U.AV.,

Royal Templars of Temperance, and

Ancient Order of Foresters. For a

number of years he was treasurer of

the Executive Court of the latter society,

and is also medical examiner for several

assurance companies.


forth, Ont., Was born on the

13th of February, 1842, at Galt, Waterloo County. He received his education at the public schools and Toronto Normal School. At the latter institution he obtained two Normal School certificates. After this he taught in the public school of Petrolia, in school section No. 6, McKillop town-ship, and in Oil Springs (Lambtou County) public school, of which he was principal. In the latter place he commenced his professional studies with Dr. Savage. In the year 1567 lie at-tended the University of Michigan and


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