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C.M., Trinity and Victoria,
F.T.M. C. and M. C. P. S. O.,
Toronto, Out., was born on the i st of
November, iS6o, in Rainhana township,
Haldirnand County. His parents are
Hirain and Nary Ann Hall Gee, his
father being a prosperous fariner in
Haldirnand County. His mother came
from England, and his father is de-
scended from the 1'. E. Loyalists. The
latter has served for about twenty years
in the To«-raship and County Councils
of Haldirnand, and at present holds the
office of License Inspector of said
county. The subject of our sketch

received his education under difficulties, only being able to attend school in the N%-inter mouths, but by faithful application and perseverance, lie obtained a third-class teachers' certificate before he attained the age of twenty. He then attended the :Model School at Caledonia, and commencedteachingin iMo. He taught three years, after which he attended High School at Caledonia for eighteen months, preparing

`   for matriculation in naedicirre. Here he obtained a second-class grade certificate, on which he

j   taught one year. He eaa-

I   tered Trinity- Medical Col-

lege in iS87 and graduated '-   in i8go with the following

degrees : 1\I.D.,C.DI.,Trinity

University; M. D., C. 'A1.1

Victoria University ; F. T.

Al. C., Trinity Medical Col-

lege ; and M.C.P.S.O., naem-

ber of the College of Play -

siciaus and Surgeons of

J   Ontario. He was a student

with Dr. W. S. Clark, of Toronto, and in i89o, when the latter went to Europe for his health, he took charge of his practice. Dr. Clark, on his return, resolved to go to California to reside permanently, when Dr. Gee purchased his practice, and now retains this large and profitable connection. His office is oil the corner of Gerrard and Jarvis streets, Tomrito. Dr. Gee is an adherent of ;Methodist Church. He is also secretary of the Young People's Society in Bond Street Congregational Church, is a member of the 'Masonic Brotherhood, and is medical examiner in Rainbmv Council, Royal Templars. In politics lie is Reform.


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