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Q.C., Woodstock, Out., was born in Paris, Brant County, on the 23rd Alay, 183 j. He was educated at the Common and Grammar schools, studied law at twenty-one, and was admitted in 1861 to practice as a Solicitor. Ili 1862 he was called to the Bar and enrolled on the books of the Law Society-, Toronto. He practiced law at Paris from i S61 to 1864, then for two years in Brantford. In 1866 lie removed to Woodstock,

where he still continues to   _

practice.   Mr. Totten en-   , tered public life at the age

of fort-, wheii he was elect-

ed Deputy Reeve (Towli

Council), and has been al-

most continuously colinect-

ed with the same. He filled

the office of -Alavor two

rears, was Reeve and De-   i puty Reeve several times

during his connection «•itli

the Council, and is now first

Deputy Reeve. He has

been a nieniber of the craft

of A.F. -\- A.M. nearly twenty years, is a member of the A.O.U.NV., ill which lie has held the various offices of chair-man of Committee oil Laws, Grand Overseer, Grand Foreman and Grand Master Workman. I11 1859 he was elected by the Grand Lodge of Ontario its first Solicitor, which office lie has held continuously since, being elected by acclamation at each annual session. In 1885 and 1SS6 he was elected by the Grand Lodge of Ontario one of its represeutatives to the Supreme Lodge. In 1586 he was elected Supreme Trustee, which office lie filled until the recent session at Detroit, wheli he re-

tired, and was elected cllairnlan of the Committee on Appeals. He is also connected with the Royal Arcanum, having filled the office of Grand Regent two years, represented the Grand Council in the Supreme Council, and is noIv a member of the Committee on Appeals and Grievances in the Supreme Council. He is Solicitor for Canada for the Order of Fraternal Guardians. Mr. Totten's life has been a continued response to the, apparently, unliniited appeals to assist in the welfare of much that has been outside of Ills profession. He is a member of the Church of England, and is an et-warden.


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