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E.H. GULLEDGE, Oakville, Out.,
was born in that place on the
17th of 'November, 1851. He
is the youngest son of Henry Gul-
ledge, Esq., Somersetshire, Eng., who
carne to Canada and settled in Oakville,
and for many years carried on a
saddlery- business there. His educa-
tion was commenced at the public
school and completed under private
tutors. 011 leaving school he entered
upon an apprenticeship to the saddlery
business in his father's shop, and
finished his trade in Jamestown, 'New
York State, U.S.A., on the 3rd of May,
1871. He then returned to Oakville,

and on the 5th of June, 1S71, was accepted as a partner in his father's business, lie being at that time only nineteen years of age. This partnership continued until 1S77, When lie bought out his father's interest, and since that time has carried on the business alone. At first the making of harness was the only line to which attention was given, but the present owner has added boots and shoes, trunks, valises, etc. In fact anvthing in first-class leather goods can be purchased there. He has been very successful, the business

ill- creasing year by rear, until now it is „afe to sav that lie has the most extensive trade in his line in Western Ontario. Mr. Gulledge attributes his success largely to keeping reliable goods and selling them at a reasonable margin of profit. He has a ready grasp of all the requirements of his business, and brings to bear upon

every department the skill and experi-

ence of a thorough practical training.

In religion he is an Episcopalian,

being a member of St. Jude's Church,

Oakville.   In politics 11e is a strong

Conservative, and takes all active i11-

terest i11 all matters pertaining to his

party. He has been a member of the

Oakville Town Council three years,

having been twice elected by acclama-

tion, which is ail evidence of the esti-

mation in which he is held in the

community. He was married on the

21st of March, iSS1, to Aliss Jane

Arnlanda Oliphant, daughter of Duncan

Oliphant, of Oakville, Ont.


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