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of the Presbyterian Church,
Seaforth, Ont., was born on
the 9th of November, iS32, in the
Citadel, Quebec. His father was band-
master in the 79th Regiment, and was
present at the battles of Corunna and
Waterloo. After leaving the army he
received a pension and a grant of land
in the County of Durham, and died
shortly after the close of the Rebellion,
when Alexander, the subject of our
sketch, was hardly eight years old.
On his father's death, Alexander lived
with a farmer until he was iS. He
then began study, and attended the

Toronto Academy, then

under the charge of Prof.

Gale. He alternated his

studies by working on a

farm, and taught school in

Blenheim in IS53 and iS54,

and was employed as a

student catechist in iS55 at

Westport and Newburgh,

and in i856 and IS57 at

Colliugwood and Bradford.

After completing his tlieo-,.,   logical studies at Knox Col-

lege, Toronto, he iN'as assist-

alit to the late Dr. Bayne,

of Galt. Haring been duly

licensed by the Hamilton

Presbytery, he was ordained

pastor of Willis Church,

k   Clinton, in zS59, and in

i S69 he was settled as

pastor of Knox Church,

Elora, and in IS79 inducted

as pastor of his present

charge in Seaforth. For

eight years he was clerk of

the Huron Presbytery, was

Moderator of the Synod of

Hamilton and London in

ISS3, and has also been

Superintendent of Public

Schools in Clinton and the township of Tuckersinith, and chair-man of the Seaforth High School Board. In zSSo Mr. 'McDonald travelled extensively in Great Britain, and in iSS2 and ISS7 in Manitoba and the North-West. Air. McDonald was married June 23rd, iSJ9, to Agnes Cavan, daughter of James Cavan, of Paris, Out. Four of his sons are employed in wholesale houses in Winnipeg and one in Detroit. He has been a diligent, laborious and successful pastor in all the charges in -which he has labored and greatly beloved by his people. His pulpit ministrations bear evidence of thorough preparation.



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