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FRANK DENTON, barrister, of
Toronto, was born near Rich-
mond Hill, York County, on the
18th of August, i85S. His father, the
late William Denton, Justice of the
Peace, came from England to Canada
in i 83o and settled near Richmond
Hill as a general merchant. After this
lie removed to Mono Centre, where he
had a general store and farm. In iSS5
he came to Toronto, where he resided
until his death in iSSS. Mr. Denton
received his education at the Richmond
Hill High School, the Collingwood Col-
legiate Institute, the Toronto Normal
School, and Trinity College, where he

took the degree of B.C.L.

in 1SS7. He taught in the

Orangeville Model School,

and after that was first

F,nglish plaster of the Cobourg Collegiate Institute. In 1 SS3 he commenced the study of law with ~V. R. Riddell, Esq., Cobourg, and afterwards studied in Toronto with Mr. C. H. Ritchie, Q.C., and subsequently- with Mr. D.

  1. Read, O.C. He is now the senior partner of the firm of Denton, Dods & Denton, Toronto. On his

:r. commencing business for himself, he at once entered upon a large practice. He was one of the counsel for the city of Toronto in the

x celebrated Toronto Street Rail«vay Arbitration, and for some time acting first assistant city solicitor under

  1. R. W. Biggar, Q.C. He was in r<Sgo appointed by the City Council of Toronto one of a deputation of three to visit the leading American cities to secure informa-

tion and study the street railway pro-

blem from a innnicipal standpoint.

Mr. Denton is an active member of

the Broadway Tabernacle Methodist

Church, Toronto, and has represented

his church at the Toronto Conference

and elsewhere. He is an active Liberal

in politics and a ready and fluent de-

bater. He has succeeded in taking a

leading place in his profession -\-cry

early ill life, and has every prospect

of a brilliant future before him. In

1884 Mr. Denton was married to

Miss Lizzie Clingan, daughter of the

late Fleming Clingan, J.P., of Orange-



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