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GEORGE M. BUCHART of Owen Sound, Out., was born in Dundee, Scotland, in iS27. He received his early training ill that towel, and then became an apprentice to the business of tinsmith. He then came to Canada, landing in Quebec in IS45. After spending some time in fish packing in Miramichi, he came to Toronto, and finally reached Owen Sound. He began by making and selling tinware, and, after a profitable eighteen months stay, went to Indiana, U.S., where lie remained mile months, and then returned to Owen Sound. In iSjo he began

anew as tinsmith, and by gradually adding to his stock, and engaging- in other lilies, increased his trade so much that a larger building m as necessarN. His business made rapid progress, until the effects of the Russian -war overtook him and he Nvas necessitated to suspend payment. In-stead of compromising, he preferred, if time Nvas given, to pay in fall, which lie did, with interest added, within tell years. Although three tiles burned out, his business steadily increased, and the handsome building now occupied by his sons, is all eN 'deuce of the success that

~-- attended hini. 1\1r. Buchart, snr., died in 1882, and teas succeeded by his t«•o sons—R. P. and I~. 1\I—as R. P. Buchart & Bro. Under their skillful management, the stock has been so greatly increased and improved, that it is now recognized as containing the most coniplete assortment of hard-

ware and electro-plated goods in Western

Ontario. ' They are also largely em-

ployed as steam and gas fitters. The

late 1\Ir. Buchart was a member of the

Methodist Church and a liberal sup-

porter. In politics he -was a Conserva-

tive. He Nvas ensign in the Fenian

Raid, and afterwards made captain.

For inany years he was a member of

the Town Council, and as a private

builder, added greatly to the property

of the town. Three years before his

death lie opened a store in Rapid

City, Mauitoba. His wife -was 1\Iarv,

youngest daughter of Samuel Chat-will,

of Birmingham, England.


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