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M.D., C.M., and 1LC.P. and S.,
Goderich, Out., was born on
October Sth, 1S57, at Goderich. He
was educated at the school of his native
town, and after taking a second-class
certificate "A" in z S 6, taught at Port
Albert, Out. He then attended Toronto
t'niN-ersity iii ISIS, and afterwards
studied at the Toronto School of Medi-
cine, where he graduated in iSS2. Dur-
ing his course he took honors in aiia-
toms-, pliysiology and the practice of
medicine. He then took charge of Dr.
Park's practice at Alilverton, and after-
wards of Dr. Morton's practice at Wel-

leslev, Out. In z SS6 he began practice in Goderich, and has remained there since. Dr. Whiteley is popular with the profession and the community at large. He has been deputy reeve and member of the Council for three years. In politics he is a Liberal-Conservative, and an adherent of the Metb odist Ch arch , a member of the I.O.O. F., I.O.F. and A.O.I'AV, and attending physician for these societies. He is also sole examiner for the Canada Life, the Manufacturers' Life, and the London and Lancashire Assurance Companies. He was married on August TSth, iSS6, to Miss Percy Fisher, of Goderich.


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