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William HEnry Shaw, of
Stratford, Out., was born on
the ist of April, 1S5S, ill the township
of Camden, Kent County. He received
his early education at the public school,
and by steady application and perse-
veralice, succeeded ill obtaining a third-
class certificate when only seventeen
years of age. He began teaching in
1575, which he continued until 1SS3,
«with the exception of from April to
July, 1579, when in attendance at the
Normal School, Toronto. He secured
a second-class professional certificate
from this institution, haying passed
non-professional itu 1878 while teach-

ing. After this he gave up public school work and accepted a position as teacher in the Canada Business College, Chatham, «here he remained until December, ISM. He then withdrew from this institution and established the Central Business College in Stratford. This school was opened for the reception of students in January, 1SS7, and has since grown to a foremost position alnong the business colleges of the Dominion. The attendance each succeeding rear has increased from twenty-t\vo and oiie-half to forty-three per cent., and noNvhas represerntatiyes from all parts of the Dominion and from the United States. This success is due to the ability and popularity of the principal, and to the efforts of Himself and his excellent staff of assistants to do the -,-cry best -,work possible for the students. His school is now thoroughly and permanently estab-

lished, and is an influential factor

among our educational institutions, as

it has no superior in its particular line

of work. Mr. Shaw is a member of

the Methodist Church. He was trustee

of Wesley Church, Raleigh, and is now

choir master of the Central Methodist

Church, Stratford, also a member of

the Official Board of the latter

church. He is doing a grand work,

not oily Ili the liiie of his profes-

sion, but also in the church.   He

was married on the 1st of January,

iS7S, to Miss Charlotte J. Gill, of the

township of Raleigh, County of Kent,



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