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(McGill), L. R. C. P., (Ldin-
burgh), of Seaforth, Out., was
born in North Sherbrooke, Lanark
County, on the loth of February, 1539.
His parents were natives of Scotland,
who came to Canada in the year 1521.
The subject of our sketch received
such an education as the public schools
of his day afforded. He worked on his
father's farm and attended school until
twelve years of age, when he entered a
dry goods store in St. 'Iary's, and
afterwards was employed in similar
establishments elsewhere. He wearied
of the life of a clerk, and studied for a

teacher's certificate, and was

successful in obtaining a

second-class grade "A" at

the Normal school in iS62.

He then taught school in

Usborne and Blenheim. He

was a strong advocate of temperance, and soon revealed that he possessed iiiiusual platform ability-. He then began the study of medicine with Dr. Philip, of Plattsville, now of Br.

ford. In iS66 lie entered McGill College, from wlii lie graduated in iS69. After receiving his diplopia lie commenced to practice in Seaforth, and has continued there since in the enjoymeut of a large and profitable patronage. Dr. Campbell has always taken a leading part in all matters pertaining to the iniprovenient of Seaforth. He was a nieniber of the High School Board, is president of the Mechanics' Institute, ineinber of the Masonic fraternity, of the I.O.O.F., of the C.O.F., the R.T. of T., and

of the Y.M.C.A. He is also a member

of the Ontario and Dominion 'Medical

Associations, and stands high in his

profession. He was chief of the Cale-

donian Society of Seaforth for two rears.

In 1884 he published his little book,

" The Land of Burns," which was

favorably- received by both press and

people. He frequently- lectures on

Burns and Scottish literature for the

Caledonian, St. Andrew's, and other

Scottish societies, and has a series of

very interesting lectures on the great

Scottish poet. He was married on the

14th of May, 1872, to Jane Laird, of

Haysville, Ont.


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