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Seafortli, Out., was

born at Paris, Count- of Brant, on the 14th of June, i S5i. His early educational training was received at the public school, Paris, and Galt Central School, and continued at Eastman's National Business College, Pouglhkeepsie, N. 1'. He graduated froin the latter institution in iS67, and started business life as a book-keeper in a mercantile house at Hamilton. After this he Avorked for a time in his father's mill at Wolverton. In the year 1872 lie settled ill Seafortli, where lie -was engaged ill the grain business for a number of years. In IS79 lie went to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and engaged in speculating. He then \v,cut to Edmonton, N.~~ T., where lie remained only a short time, and re-turned to Portage la Prairie. After remaining here soine-time, he removed to Car-

berry, Manitoba, and engaged in the triple business of lumber, grain and banking. In the latter business he had remarkable success and accumulated considerable iiioney. Through too close attention to business his health broke down and he went to Banff, N.W.T., to get the benefit of the sulphur springs there. This change, however, did not restore hini to health, and on the advice of leis physicians he came back to Ontario to get the benefit of his native air and the professional skill of the province. Notwithstanding the fact that lie was pronounced incur-able, under the skillful treatment of

Dr. J. E. Graham, of Toronto, lie has been restored to his former health and rigor. He now conducts a successful private banking business in the town of Seaforth, where he enjoys the esteein and confidence of the coniniunity. Mr. Logan married Miss Charlotte Brent, daughter of the late Dr. Brent, of Toronto, on the 9th of June, iSS5, by whom lie has two sons. He is an adherent of the Presbyterian Church. His mother, who is in her seventy-fifth year, is still living. She is a godly woman, and has been a member of the Presbyterian Church since child-hood.


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