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Jonathan wilkinson. , of
St. Thomas, was born near Hali-
fax, Yorkshire, Eng., in is27.
His father was a Yorkshire farmer.
He was educated in Manchester, and at
the age of twenty-one came to the
'United States as amanuensis to a
literary gentleman, %N-ith whom he
travelled over the continent. Oil his
return to England he published an
account of his rambles, which was
highly- spoken of by the press. Com-
ing to Canada in iS56, he settled in
Hamilton, and was engaged as short-
hand reporter and city editor of the
.31orw*ug Bc nucr. During the parlia-

mentary sessions in Tororu-

to, lie -went each day and re-turned at midnight -xvith the reports, which Nvere published in next morning's issue. In iS58 Mr. Wilkinson purchased the Guelph Adz,crtrscr from the lion. A. I. Fergusson Blair, and continued it for thirteen rears, during which time lie began the publication of the daily. He then removed to Hamilton and started the ,IlorJZiu; Standard. After two Fears he Arent to St. Thomas, ,where he began the- 71*mcs, first as a bi-weekly, and afterwards, in iSS21 as a daily. The paper has now a very large circulation ill the adjoining counties. In rSS7-SS 1Ir-Wilkins0ll Visited the Pacific Coast and published a series of letters under the title of " Rambles in California," containing sketches of the principal points of interest in the Golden State, and its milling, agricultural and liorti-

cultural industries, includ-

ing also Utah and Colorado. He spent

the summer of zSS9 in England and

Scotland, and published another series

of sketches, including the ancient cathe-

drals of England, and the famous

haunts and homes of Scott and Burns

and other celebrities. These, like Mr.

Wilkinson's former efforts, ivere liighly

appreciated. He is a member of the

Scientific and Historic Society of

Elgin, and takes a deep interest in its

Nvork.   In politics lie is a I,iberal-

Conservative, but not a Tory, as the

term is generally applied. He «as

married ill I852 to Agnes Luck, of

Bedfordshire, Eng.


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