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W. A. McKAY,

B. A., Woodstock,

Out., was born on the rrth of 1\ Iarch, IcS42. He is the eldest of seN-en brothers, fire of whoin entered the iiiinistry of the Presbyterian Church. Front the age of sixteen until twenty-three, lie taught school in Oxford County. On the ist October, T863, lie was married to Amelia Jane, daughter of Joshua Youngs, a man greatly be-loved for his many stirling qualities by all who knew liiiii. 1Ir. McKay graduated in Toronto University in iS69, standing first in the honor list in Oriental languages, and taking a high place among the honor men

in the department of Logic,., Metaphysics and Ethics. In i570 he graduated in Knox College, and was licensed by the Toronto Presbytery to preach the Gospel. Ili December of the same year lie was ordained and inducted into the pastoral charge of Cheltenham and Mount Pleasant, where he had labored for two years previous as a student. On the 4th November, 1873, he was translated to the pastorate of Baltimore and Cold Springs in the Presbytery of Peterboro. In Dlay, 1,S7S, he became pastor of Chalmers Church, Wood-stock, and ill this large and important congregation he has since continued to labor with fidelity and great success. In addition to his pastoral labors, Mr.'IcKav takes all active interest in all public questions of the day. Perhaps no clergyman in the land has done more effective work on the plat-

form and through the press for the cause of temperance and moral reform. Mr. McKay is the author of several well-known works, and is a constant contributor to the press. His book, " Outpourings of the Spirit," is published by the Presbyterian Board, Philadelphia, and is widely circulated in the United States. His best known work in this country is " A Discussion of Baptism from the Paedo-Baptist Standpoint." This book has reached a Canadian circulation in a few rears of twelve thousand copies. Mr. McKay is in the vigor of his manhood and gives promise of much future service.


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