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Bond Head, Out., teas born in

1829 in Yorkshire, England. He was educated at Woodhouse Grote Acadeniv, -which was started in the time of John Wesley for the education of Wesleyan ministers' sons. On leaving school he concluded to study medicine with his brother, but, on his con-version, at once decided to study theology. He first thought of offering himself as a missionary to China, and, under the advice of the Rev. Dr. Hannah, was making arrangements to attend one of the Wesleyan colleges to study the Chinese language, when his

father, a Wesleyan miiiister, wished and advised his sou to follow him in the regular work of the minis-try, hence the idea of going to China was abandoned. In 184 he came to Canada and entered the ministry of the Methodist Church. His first circuit was Warwick. He has since then occupied the following circuits :—London, Prince Albert, Port Perry, Uxbridge, Orangeville, Albion, Glanford, Stir-ling, Aurora, and others. Mr. Savage's pastorate on each circuit has been follotted by great revivals of

I religion. He has on different circuits had twelve camp meetings in charge. Oil eight of the previous cir-

i cuits occupied, lie remained the full terin of three years, and this year -was returned to his present charge for the third year by special request of the Quarterly Board. Mr. Savage has been finan-

-   ~   cial secretary on two districts, this being his sixth

year on the Bradford District. In

188o he -was a delegate to London,

Eng., to the Memorial Centennial Sab-

bath School Conference, and the un-

veiling of " Raikes " monument. Mr.

Savage has been twice married—first,

in September, i 8 j -, to E. Cooper, of

Ripon, Eng., and again, in 188o, to

Jennie McFarland, of Toronto. He is

a writer of considerable ability, and

has contributed to different papers and

periodicals. He is now engaged on a

literary work entitled " Distinguished

Characters of Bible and Ecclesiastical

History," which is regarded as his life



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