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Walkerton, Out., was born oil the 14th of October, 1825, near Dun1-bartoil Castle, Scotland. His humble pious parents often sat at the Lord's table when three of their sons were officiating elders and two were ministers, the youngest of whom is Rev. G. F. James, Bristo Church, Edinburgh. Three grand-sons are also ministers. Our subject's school days were very limited, and in a great pleasure he was self-educated, until entering Glasgow University ill i 85o. At nine nears of age he went to work ill his father's shop, and at twelve was apprenticed to tailoring. He soon became head of the well-known firm of J. c~ D. James, afterwards changed to D. cC E. James, clothiers, Argyle street, Glasgow. He took a fall arts course while ill active business, studied theology in U. P.

Divinity Hall, Edinburgh, was licensed to preach in 1857, and designated to the Canadian field. Shortly after arriving in Canada he was ordained pastor of what is now Central Presbyterian Church, Galt, was afterwards pastor of Dtunfries Street Church, Paris. He then returned to Europe and became pastor of Alerridale Road Church, Wolverhampton, Fang. Returning to Canada, he was intercepted and called to State Street Presbyterian Church, Albanv, N.Y. We quote the following from " Origin and Growth of Presbyterianism in Albanv " : " From 1571 it had six flourishing years under the

Rev. John James, D.D., a man of Scotch birth and breeding, positive character, decided influence, and all able preacher. He did good work for Christ." Dr. James was married oil the 31st of December, 1845, to Agnes Craig, near Glasgow. In 1874 he received the degree of D.D. from Union University, Schenectady-, N.Y. In 1877 he accepted a call to Knox Church, Hamilton, where he remained eight years, when he resigned with the intention of retiring, but was invited to go to Walkerton to unite the two churches there. Here a most prosperous pastorate has been enjoyed.


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