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346   MEN OF' CANA"A.

Stratford, Out., was born in
September, 1848, in North
Easthope township, County of Perth.
He received his education, for the most
part, at the public school, and applied
himself with such zeal and persever-
ance that, when eery young, lie obtained
a first-class county certificate. He their
attended the Normal School, and suc-
ceeded in obtaining a second-class cer-
tificate, and then taught for about
six years, most of this time being spent
in his native township. Iii the year
1871 he commenced his professional
education at Trinity Medical College,

Toronto. In 1574 lie graduated from the latter iiistitution and from Toronto L'iniv-ersity, carrying off the gold medal from both institutions. He then wellt to Europe and spent sonic time ill visiting the leading liospitals there in order to further perfect himself in his profession. While there he spent nearly two years in St. Thomas Hospital, Lou-don. After this he took a trip to Australia as surgeon on a vessel, and spent some time in that colony. In 1876 lie returned to Canada and commenced his profession at Stratford, where he still continues. Sincesettling there lie has built tip a profitable business, -which continttes to increase. He is held in high esteem by the medical profession, as well as by all other classes in the coniniuuity, being one of Stratford's most respected citizens. Dr. Fraser is one of the professors of the London Medical School,

being lecturer in Histology and Path-

ology. He has been one of the ex-

aminers of Toronto 'University for the

past six years, and is at the present

time an examiner in Trinity College.

Iii addition to his extensive practice,

he is also medical examiner for several

life assurance societies. He is a scholar-

ly luau, and -well qualified to fill the

many offices lie holds in his own city

and elsewhere. Dr. Fraser -\v-as mar-

ried in January, iSSS, to 1liss Fniily

~IcCulloch, by whom he has two

children—a son and a daughter. He

is an adherent of the PresbN-terlail



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