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WILLIAM BUCKINGHAM was born in Devonshire, Eng.,

on the 3rd of December,

IS32. He was trained to

the printing, publishing and bookselling business, and

at an early age became as-

sociated with leading news-

papers in the North of P;ng-

land as shorthand writer.

Coming to Canada in 1857,

lie was appointed oil the parliamentary staff of the

Toronto Glob,. He iiiain-

tamed his connection Faith journalism in Canada as

reporter, editor, proprietor

of the Stratford Rcacon and

other well knowli papers

until IS73, when he accept-

ed the office of secretary to   r. the Dominion Prime Minis-

ter. 1leanwhile be had undertaken, m-ith a friend,

the enterprise of establish-

ing at the Red River the

first newspaper (The Noy-'-

U'csfer) published in that

then lone land. This «gas

in zS6o, when the press,

type and every other print-

ing requisite had to be taken to Fort Garry from the nearest point at St. Paul by oa teams. In other ways Mr. Buckingham has made his personality felt. Twice he has been deputed to ) ngland—first in the capacity of official reporter to the Colonial Conference to arrange for Confederation, and neat on immigration business of the Ontario Government. He subsequently declined the chief agency of that province in London, as well as the office of Inspector of Prisons and Public Charities. He has filled leading positions in the Canadian Press Association, and in the various municipal,

trade, educational, local railway, hospital, church (Episcopal), and other organizations of Stratford, in which city he has chiefly made his home. He was a commissioner for enquiry into the management of city post offices while secretary to the Postinaster-General in iS62. `Vhen Mr. Mackenzie's Government went out in i S 7 S, Mr. Buckingliam received from Lord Dufferin a commission under the great seal as Deputy Minister of the Interior, which Sir John Macdonald revoked after Lord Dufferin had left Canada. Sir John offered an inferior office in lieu. This he declined with indignity.


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